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    Melbourne’s Quality Restumping Solutions

    Looking for affordable underpinning and restumping solutions in Melbourne? Welcome to Five Star Restumping! We give you a single platform to ask for all kinds of underpinning services including reblocking/restumping, floor levelling, and building extensions at the most affordable cost in all suburbs of Melbourne. We have licensed and experienced professionals who have expertise in this field. We provide written guarantee for all our services to deliver excellence par comparison to all our customers.

    • Underpinning
    • Reblocking
    • Building Extensions
    • Floor Levelling

    Our Services in Melbourne


    Five Star Reblocking and Underpinning offers effective underpinning services for domestic and commercial sectors. Our professionals work to strengthen and stabilize the foundation of building structures. We repair and reinforce the area under the load of foundation.

    • Free of cost initial inspection
    • Quotation of remedial work to be done
    • Building and construction approval
    • Foundation stabilization

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    Five Star Reblocking and Underpinning provides concrete solutions for levelling services. Our professionals are adaptive with latest technology for house underpinning. We generate the right level for sunken buildings and then add underpinning footings to support the ground for strengthening house footings. Our organization successfully rises, re levels and re supports numerous homes across our working areas. We personally visit your living premise, assess the damage and even discover the cause. Experienced engineers and technicians with us create a specific plan matching the varied need of homes. After bringing the house back to the right level, underpinning footings are corrected. We even raise the sunken floors and repair the internal and external wall cracks. Our focus of work is to resolve the structural damage issue with a suitable foundation. The future of the house becomes sound with the right service from our side.

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    Five Star Reblocking and Underpinning is a specialist in all kinds of sub floor inspection services. Professionals with us provide solutions which makes the sub floor ventilated. This part of building floor requires full checking. Subfloor area is a very important part of the inspection which reveals underlying hidden effects having adverse effects on building premises. Our consistent effort is to reduce poor ventilated area and damp sub floors. Affordable pricing and time bound solutions make our services reliable among diverse domestic and commercial clients. We work in such a manner which ensures structural integrity of buildings. Our consultants and technicians are trained to conduct a comprehensive inspection. We even design and install subfloor ventilation system to remove ground moisture from underneath floors.

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    Underpinning and
    Restumping Solutions

    Tell Tale Signs of Underpinning Issues

    How do you know that your home/office requires underpinning solutions?
    Let us make it easy for you.

    • Sagging ceilings
    • Gaps around doors and windows
    • Bulging walls
    • Cracks in slabs
    • Structural cracks
    • Cracks in floor
    • Misaligned windows or doors
    • Cracks in walls
    • Sticking windows or doors
    • Leaning home
    • Sinking foundation
    • Unlevel or sloping floors
    • Bowing walls
    • Ceiling cracks
    • Leaning walls

    We Take Building Permits Too

    “Five Star Reblocking and Underpinning ” Melbourne takes responsibility for taking care of all the necessary paperwork related to building permits for reblocking or restumping. We understand that you don’t want to get into the complicated procedure of taking permissions so we do that on your behalf. We save you time and money for the same.

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