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Building Permits

We Take Care of Residential, City Building Permits if any underpinning or restumping work is done by us.

The home you buy may feel less spacious and convenient with time when your family grows or the rooms may feel old-fashioned or out of date. In such cases, getting a home extension if you have space can be much more economical than purchasing a new home.

However, it is important to know that under the state legislation, you need to have a building permit before starting your building work. By building work, it means constructing a new building, demolition or renovation. This is absolutely necessary in the case when the building work may:

  • Have an impact on the structural integrity
  • Affect the health and safety of the occupants or other constructions nearby
  • Affect the way in which the building complies with each building standard

Attain building permits to renovate or construct your home from the scratch

Being an experienced and qualified technician in the field of construction, we help you obtain the permit on behalf of the property owners. In some of the cases, you may need to attain planning permit and the residential building permit cannot be issued until the planning permit is issued. Our specialists can sort everything out for you and make the construction process much easier at Meadow Heights, Melbourne, Victoria.

Wherever you are in Victoria, our building surveyors and examiners are here to offer you with meticulous permit services.

We offer proficient regulatory advice

We offer expert consultation on the analysis of building legislation and the technical requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) that governs a wide arrangement of associated Australian standards.

Get professional building reports

Our expert personnel can provide you with a wide range of reports on proposed and existing city buildings permits issues that include preliminary reports, compliance reports, necessary services and Bushfire Association Level (BAL) ratings.

Attain commercial applications & appeals

Five Star can assist with the application process for council sitting dispensations, or apply for agreement to the fire brigade department to differ from the code requirements also assisting with appeals to the Building Appeals Board.

Feel free to contact us for any professional construction related solutions, we are always available to meet your needs at Meadow Heights, Melbourne, Victoria.

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